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  • Choosing a funding method for your buy-sell agreement

    Anyone who owns a closely held business with at least one other partner needs to take certain steps to guard against business disruption. If one partner departs suddenly, or becomes disabled or dies, serious confusion and conflicts can ensue. Among the most important steps is to create a buy-sell agreement, which stipulates precisely how ownership […]

  • Unexpected retirement plan disqualification can trigger serious tax problems

    It’s not unusual for the IRS to conduct audits of qualified employee benefit plans, including 401(k)s. Plan sponsors are expected to stay in compliance with numerous, frequently changing federal laws and regulations. For example, have you identified all employees eligible for your 401(k) plan and given them the opportunity to make deferral elections? Are employee […]

  • The tax dangers of providing for employees in your estate plan

    If you’re an employer, you may think of your employees as family. But if you plan to provide for employees in your estate plan, watch out for unintended tax consequences. IRS rules Generally, money or other property received by gift or inheritance is excluded from the recipient’s income for federal tax purposes. But there’s an […]

  • Why it’s a good idea for employers to encourage 401(k) rollovers

    Many people collect “orphan” 401(k) plan balances as they move from job to job. Why should employers care? Helping new employees roll over their accounts from former employers can be beneficial for both parties. The same is true of assisting former participants (who have left your business). Current employees One reason participants orphan their previous […]

  • Why it’s time to start tax planning for 2016

    Now that the April 18 income tax filing deadline has passed, it may be tempting to set aside any thought of taxes until year end is approaching. But don’t succumb. For maximum tax savings, now is the time to start tax planning for 2016. More opportunities A tremendous number of variables affect your overall tax […]

  • 4 tools for addressing incapacity in your estate plan

    Estate planning is often associated with death. But it’s just as important for your plan to address incapacity associated with illness, injury, advanced age or other circumstances. Unless you specify how financial and health care decisions will be made in the event you become incapacitated, there’s no guarantee that your wishes will be carried out. […]


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