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  • How many employees does your business have for ACA purposes?

    It seems like a simple question: How many full-time workers does your business employ? But, when it comes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the answer can be complicated. The number of workers you employ determines whether your organization is an applicable large employer (ALE). Just because your business isn’t an ALE one year doesn’t […]

  • Properly fund your living trust to shield assets from probate

    Many people set up a revocable, or “living,” trust to shield assets from probate and take advantage of other benefits. For the trust to work, you must transfer assets to it that would otherwise go through probate — a process known as “funding” the trust. Most people fund their trusts around the time they sign […]

  • How to retain your best employees to keep profitability strong

    Whether the job market is hot or cold, employers owe it to themselves to actively work at employee retention. Good workers can maintain operational stability and keep profitability strong. Plus, the cost of finding and hiring new employees remains steep. Here are some ideas for keeping your best and brightest on staff. Trust training Employees […]

  • How summer day camp can save you taxes

    Although the kids might still be in school for a few more weeks, summer day camp is rapidly approaching for many families. If yours is among them, did you know that sending your child to day camp might make you eligible for a tax credit? The power of tax credits Day camp (but not overnight […]

  • Is a charitable IRA rollover right for you?

    If you’re charitably inclined, age 70½ or older and have a significant balance in an IRA, a charitable IRA rollover — formally called a “qualified charitable distribution” — permits you to annually make up to $100,000 in tax-free IRA distributions to qualified charities. Charitable IRA rollovers also offer estate planning benefits, and tax legislation in […]

  • Streamline your inventory management to boost cash flow

    Inefficient inventory management is one of the biggest cash drains on many businesses, depriving them of valuable working capital. Excess inventory is literally cash wasting away in your warehouse or on your shelves. So every company needs to do everything it can to minimize its inventory investment. Manufacturing tips If you’re a manufacturer, one of […]


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